El Paso, Texas 9/15/1916

Dear Em.

Ive havent got any thing to say so I cant say much. As for when we are going home I know just about as much as you do. It is getting nice and cool here now. Grass is beginning to grow and every thing is getting green and nice. Hope to see you soon.


Poem printed on the front of postcard


Here’s greetings from the Border-land
Where the wind blows to beat the band,
O’er valleys fair and mountains high
Kissed by the sun from a cloudless sky.
Where the soldier boy with his ready gun
Tramps the desert under a scorching sun.
Yes, this is the land where the cacti grow
And the long-eared burro tries to crow.
Where the centipede walks on a hundred legs
And the rattlesnake lays its soft-shelled eggs
The tarantula too, and vinagroon
Bask in the sunshine and lazily roam
Over the rocks and through the sand
Away out here on the Border-land.

By the Poet-Lariat
(Copyright Sept. 1916 by Jos. T. Grant)

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