Camp Cotton, Texas 9/20/1916

Dear Em,

Ive got a little time so I thought I would use it up writing even if I have got nothing to say. Co. K. will be on gaurd tomorrow 21st (the day of the big parade,) and I cant say that I am sorry, for it isn’t going to be any picnic parading all over El Paso in heavy marching order. It would be a great sight for you to see I guess, but you would get good and sick of it be for the first 10, or 15, thousand dusky brown stream of humanity got by. I know I wouldn’t go to the front window to see it.

We don’t know yet whether this is the wind up of our tour of duty down here or not. Probably you people back home there know more about it than we do. All we are taught here is how to be soldiers and how to obey orders. The out side world is a blank. I received your post card with the poem on it by Phil Osopher which is very appropriate for army life.

If there is an election held here for a lieutenant I will be appointed top sergeant. This will not be so bad considering the fact that when I was at Framingham I was only a corporal. It will be a job filled with responsibility but thats what Im down here for. The sweeters that were issued to us sertainly do come in handy mornings and nights but they might just as well be in Alaska in the day time for we don’t even need our underwear on in them hours. It is hard to imagine the difference in temperature that takes place here in six hours. What in the world will we do when we get back to dear old Mass., if we feel the cold so easy here now. But you see our blood is pretty thin now. The band is about as far away from my tent as the church is from 297, the musicians are practicing in the same tent with me, some one in the next tent is singing, “Loading up the Mandy Lee” and beleive me I can just about write this letter, and thats all.

I dont know how true it is but they say (same stuff) that we have made our last trip to the (Mesa) our drill ground, 3 miles away. Well we were just getting used to it, but we are not sorry.

I stopped for about 3 minutes to try and think up something to write about and what do you think it is? Well this. When I left the house that morning, I took a dish towel, a Turkish towel, a set of union suits (you know the one I paid about 37¢ for in Filene’s Basement) the razor, and tooth brush. And Ive got them all. How is that for keeping things picked up ha Lena? (Don’t get mad now.) I will say that the dish towel and union suit is pretty near in threads, but I hope I can give Lena back her dish towel a little the worse from scrubbing but never the less a (dish towel). There have been times that I wished I took my safty, but (Safty First) you know. Say and aint I fussy about my cloths. They say I am the most particular soldier in camp.


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