On the Road to Fort Selden, New Mexico 10/5/1916

On the road to Fort Seldon 10/5/16

Dear Em

Well here we are after a days rest, waiting for the word that will start this army on the move again. We expect a forced march today to make up for yesterday. Some of the mules are dieing and a lot of the men are in pretty bad shape for hiking. I am as usual feeling great, and Im anxious for the order to start.

We went swimming in the Rio Grande yesterday, and I bet we walked about six miles to and from the river. I dont beleive we are any cleaner for our wash for it is the muddiest water in any river there is I guess.

I am rotten dirty and expect to remain so until we get back to Camp Cotton or some where where it is possible to get a wash. I dont know where we are going today but we will soon be on our way.


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  1. This is just a nit, but I think Sgt. Avery is referring to Fort Selden, not Fort Sheldon. Fort Selden was on the Rio Grande about 13 miles north of Las Cruces. It would have been abandoned by the Army as a fort long before 1916, but presumably the Army still owned the land. http://www.nmmonuments.org/inst.php?inst=10

    I love your website and it is one of the first places that I hit each morning, hoping for a new letter. Thank you for all of your effort.

  2. Thank you so much for the correction! I’m sure you must be right. Sam has written it both ways in his letters but the destination you point out is right on target.

  3. I always get a jolt when reading Sam writing to “me”. I love that.

    : )

    Sam is correct about the dirt. In this part of the world, the dust permeates *everything*. Being outside with our horses, I get as dirty as I did as a child. (I love that, too.)

    But boy would I love that river to swim in. I think he kinda liked it, after the heat.


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