Camp Cotton, Texas 10/27/1916

Dear Em,

Well here it is Thursday and we are still here. We got orders last night that every thing would be loaded this morning at 8.30. But late we got orders that the Georgia troop trains were delayed twenty four hours on account of a burnt bridge. At present the orders are to wait until different orders comes in before going any further. We haven’t given up all hope though and here is hoping that we will be well on the way before this letter reaches you. Beleive me kid we are all right on edge and praying that this isnt another farce. Ive been feeling pretty sore over it for some time but as First Serg. Ive got to keep my mouth and feelings from getting the upper hand.

I spoke of my teeth in the last letter I sent you but they are getting along pretty well now. I went to the army dentist and he drilled a hole in it and pulled or killed the nerve. I thought for a while that he imagined I was a Mexican and was trying to kill me but he releived me a great deal. I went again this morning and he lanced my gums and cheek. I suppose I acted like a baby while this pleasant operation was in progress but we can all stand just so much.

Say if you could have seen my face this morning it would have reminded you of that dear old soul John Bunny. My left eye was closed and as blue as dear old Chelsea (you know that view from the kitchen window on a cold dreary Sunday morning.) Well any way I feel fine and my face only weighs 10-12 pounds. Im going over to the dentist again tomorrow and I guess he’ll fix me up all right. My only worry now is the long trip home in the train if my teeth are not fixed up before we leave.

Now you can see that I must be and have been in the best of health all the time when I will whine (I guess that’s how you spell it) over a simple thing as a tooth ache. We have a stove in some of the tents now and say it is real comfortable nights sitting around it trying to get warm and at the same time trying to avoid getting burnt. Now I suppose the Boston Papers have had it that we were on the way, probably we are now, and then again probably we are not. We have received a cord of wood per company not to be touched by us but to be left for the Georgia troops. We’ve got another cord all cut in two foot lengths and split. This to be used for the train only. It looks as though we will be using this and more too if we don’t get started.

Well Em and the rest of you, heres hoping that Im on my way now. Im going to say Ill see you soon any way.


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