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Photos from the Avery Collection courtesy of Ethel Avery Dolan.

Click on the video below to view a visual history of Sgt. Sam Avery with pictures taken from the pages of Family Photos, Camp Days, South on the Border and Over There. Musical score is “Forming The Regiment” by James Horner from the Glory soundtrack.


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  1. This is a GREAT site….I have a relative who is buried in Flanders Field American Cemetery in Belgium. This past Memorial Day we went to Belgium for the service at the cemetery. It was the first time anyone from the family attended or visited the grave. I have been doing research on the individual and have put together information for the cemetery archives over there. I am also a member of the Western Front Association, US branch. I am going to share the site with others and have already posted this on facebook. Thank you for sharing the letters and information.

  2. Rich: My wife, Patti, wrote to you back in January about her great uncle Joe Maus who was killed in action in France in 1918, and the collection of letters he wrote home to his sister Madaline. I have just finished transcribing and scanning them – there are over 50 pieces of correspondence: letters, picture postcards and field service post cards. Joe’s story got more and more interesting as I followed his account of his time from when he left Newport News until 9 days before his death. Madaline also kept a number of newspaper clippings – his obituary, news of the 27th Regiment’s return, a program from a memorial service held in Queens, etc.

    Joe’s handwriting was pretty good, so I believe I transcribed the letters accurately, and to be authentic I did not correct any spelling or grammar, nor did I add any punctuation. One of the links you provided Patti led me to the correct spelling of the censors – Lieutenants from the 105th Infantry, Company A.

    When you and Patti were in contact, you suggested that his letters should be published on your site. Would you like me to send you the .doc file that contains the transcriptions and/or the .pdf files of all the letters so that you can put some or all of them up on the site?

    Thank you for maintaining the site and encouraging me to do the transcription. We are lucky that Madaline kept all of this in such good condition so that it can be shared 90 years after Joe gave his life for our country.

    Lanny Brown

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