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This page is inspired by the comments of many readers who have visited Soldier’s Mail while on a quest to learn more about their own family heroes who served overseas in the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) during the early days of the 26th “Yankee” Division. Throughout the pages and postings on the Soldier’s Mail site, readers have been moved to leave a mark sharing what little they know about their own ancestors who served while also seeking further assistance, direction and information. The names of these men from the “Most Gallant Generation” are listed here in a living Honor Roll in order that they might still be remembered together today as they served together yesterday. All readers are invited to submit names to be added to the Page at any time. Please include Name, Rank, Unit, Serial # (if known), and any dates of wounds, commendations or other notes.


Killed In Action

  • 1st Lt. Percy A. Mills, E Co., 103rd Infantry [died of disease, 11/26/18]
  • 2nd Lt. Paul J. Langenbach, I Co., 102nd Infantry (10/27/18)
  • 2nd Lt. Carl R. Meairs, H Co., 102nd Infantry  [died of wounds, 11/28/18]
  • 2nd Lt. Charles W. Scott, 102nd Field Artillery (7/29/18)
  • Sgt. Frank J. Hurley, H Co., 101st Infantry  [died of wounds, 8/1/18]
  • Sgt. Raoul J. St. Germain, E Co., 104th Infantry (10/15/18)
  • Corp. Thomas F. Baker, 103rd Infantry (9/26/1918)
  • Corp. Myles Gartland, E Co., 354th Infantry (89th Division) (10/27/18)
  • Corp. Joseph A, Maus #1203323, A Co., 105th Infantry (27th Division) (9/29/18)
  • Corp. Raymond Poore, C Co., 103rd Infantry (10/23/18)
  • Corp. Thomas F. Shannon, B Battery, 102nd Field Artillery  [died of wounds, 10/20/18]
  • Pvt. 1st Class Archie M. Bowman, A Co., 356th Infantry (89th Division)  [died of wounds, 11/17/18]
  • Pvt. 1st Class Francis E. Firlotte, B Co., 104th Infantry (10/16/18)
  • Pvt. 1st Class Earl D. Hall, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. Leonard M. Armstrong, F Co., 103rd Infantry (9/12/18)
  • Pvt. David R. Bolin, Hdq. Co., 101st Infantry (10/25/18)
  • Pvt. Jacob J. Boss, A Co., 104th Infantry
  • Pvt. Thomas J. Brennan, G Co., 102nd Infantry (10/25/18)
  • Pvt. Elmer B. Brown, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. Frederick Bullers, D Co. (10/3/18)
  • Pvt. William J. Cooney #61212, G Co., 101st Infantry (7/13/18)
  • Pvt. Vernon J. Danley, D Co., 104th Infantry (9/13/18)
  • Pvt. William B. Demuth, B Co., 104th Infantry [died of disease, 10/21/18]
  • Pvt. Domenic Depianti, F Co., 103rd Infantry (10/26/18)
  • Pvt. Claude J. Dinse, H Co., 102nd Infantry  [died of wounds, 7/20/18]
  • Pvt. Patrick H. Duggan, E Co., 102nd Infantry (10/23/18)
  • Pvt. Alphonse Dumond, G Co., 103rd Infantry (7/17/18)
  • Pvt. Paul Fanion, Supply Co., 74th Infantry (12th Division) [died of Spanish Flu at Camp Devens, 10/2/18]
  • Pvt. John E. Fitzpatrick, G Co., 102nd Infantry [died of disease, 12/2/18]
  • Pvt. Louis R. Garcia, D Co., 104th Infantry (10/16/18)
  • Pvt. Frank R. Gengler, E Co., 102nd Infantry [died of disease, 10/11/18]
  • Pvt. Ralph V. George, F Co., 102nd Infantry [died of wounds, 11/5/18]
  • Pvt. Clarence J. Goodell, F Co., 104th Infantry [died of wounds, 11/3/18]
  • Pvt. Owen C. Harden, L Co., 104th Infantry [died of disease, 11/7/18]
  • Pvt. Fred A. Holmes, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. Reuben J. Irwin, F Co., 104th Infantry (10/3/18)
  • Pvt. Arthur E. Johnson, G Co., 102nd Infantry [died of disease, 10/29/18]
  • Pvt. Joseph H. Jones, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/18/18)
  • Pvt. John Juryevich, F Co., 102nd Infantry [accidental death, 8/15/18]
  • Pvt. Henry F. Kronmann, C Co., 103rd Infantry (9/26/18)
  • Pvt. Manuel P. Laboa, A Co., 104th Infantry (9/16/18)
  • Pvt. Samuel Landis, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. Charles Lolah, I Co., 103rd Infantry (6/16/1918)
  • Pvt. Ralph L. Long, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/16/18)
  • Pvt. DiMartino Marano, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. John Marcucci, F Co., 102nd Infantry (11/11/18)
  • Pvt. Manuel Martin, G Co., 104th Infantry (Apremont, 4/1918)
  • Pvt. Manuel Marquez, G Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. Claude F. McLaughlin, K Co., 101st Infantry (10/23/18)
  • Pvt. Wesley N. Moulton, K Co., 104th Infantry (10/15/18)
  • Pvt. Moses W. Neptune, I Co., 103rd Infantry (11/11/18)
  • Pvt. George H. Olson, L Co., 104th Infantry (10/16/18)
  • Pvt. David G. O’Neil Jr., H Co., 102nd Infantry (6/19/18)
  • Pvt. Mike Ontiveros, A Co., 104th Infantry [died of wounds, 10/19/18]
  • Pvt. Andrew J. Ostlund #3336976, G Co., 354th Infantry (89th Division) (11/2/18)
  • Pvt. Silas B. Perdue, C Co., 103rd Infantry [died of disease, 11/24/18]
  • Pvt. Tobe Perry, 143rd Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. Joe S. Rebeiro, H Co., 103rd Infantry [died of disease, 12/29/18]
  • Pvt. Ernest O. Richardson, G Co., 104th Infantry (10/29/18)
  • Pvt. David Robidoux, E Co., 103rd Infantry (7/17/18)
  • Pvt. Albert A. Robrecht, C Co., 103rd Infantry [died of disease, 10/12/18]
  • Pvt. Gustav Roerich, 103rd Infantry (6/16/18)
  • Pvt. Nathan Segal, Battery A, 102nd Field Artillery (10/31/18)
  • Pvt. Harold C. Shorow, E Co., 103rd Infantry [died of wounds, 11/10/18]
  • Pvt. John R. Simpson, H Co., 103rd Infantry [died of disease, 12/19/18]
  • Pvt. Chris J. Smith, E Co., 102nd Infantry [died of wounds, 9/15/18]
  • Pvt. Ray Sweeney, F Co., 103rd Infantry (9/12/18)
  • Pvt. Warren C. Tate, A Co., 104th Infantry (10/17/18)
  • Pvt. John J. Thoemmel, Hdq. Co., 104th Infantry (7/21/18)
  • Pvt. Henry V. Traynham, F Co., 102nd Infantry (6/19/18)
  • Pvt. Leo L. Turner, H Co., 103rd Infantry [died of disease, 1/21/19]
  • Pvt. Arthur P. Vaudreuil, L Co., 103rd Infantry [died of wounds, 2/18]
  • Pvt. Daniel Venzor, G Co., 103rd Infantry (11/11/18)
  • Pvt. William J. Weeks, B Co., 103rd Infantry (10/27/18)
  • Pvt. George N. Welch, H Co., 103rd Infantry (10/27/18)
  • Pvt. William S. White, A Co., 103rd Infantry (10/31/18)
  • Pvt. Louis Wolpert, I Co., 103rd Infantry (9/26/18)
  • Michael J. McGuire #2312960 (7/20/18)

Wounded In Action

  • 2nd Lt. Norman R. Whytock, 103rd Infantry (St. Mihiel)
  • Sgt. Seth A. Beeker, 102nd Infantry
  • Sgt. John E. Blake, B Co., 101st Engineers Regiment *[both wounded and gassed, 7/21/18]
  • Sgt. Edward H. Burke, D Co., 101st Infantry *[both wounded and gassed, 7/18/18]
  • Sgt. Ernest L. Sullivan, Machine Gun Co., 8th Mass. Infantry
  • Corp. Lawrence S. Sherman, K Co., 104th Infantry (7/22/18)
  • Pvt. 1st Class William E. Brown #62364, MG Co., 101st Infantry (5/31/18, 10/28/18) *[both wounded and gassed]
  • Pvt. 1st Class John T. Clemens #27427, C Co., 103rd Infantry (7/21/18, 10/29/18) *[both wounded and gassed]
  • Pvt. 1st Class George A. DiPesa #62278, L Co., 101st Infantry (5/31/18) *[both wounded and gassed]
  • Pvt. 1st Class Henry E. Lambert #69210, K Co., 103rd Machine Gun Battalion (10/4/18)
  • Pvt. 1st Class Clifford A. Rowe #70079, MG Co., 103rd Infantry (7/17/18) *[both wounded and gassed]
  • Pvt. William Anderson #65604, I Co., 102nd Infantry (7/22/18)
  • Pvt. Arthur F. Boulanger, A Co., 102nd Infantry (7/23/18) *[both wounded and gassed]
  • Pvt. Randolph Daring, C Battery, 103rd Field Artillery (10/26/18)
  • Pvt. Casimir Jaworski #73405, K Co., 104th Infantry (7/20/18)
  • Pvt. Sherwood K. Martin #65184, G Co., 102nd Infantry (10/9/18)
  • Pvt. John F. McKeon #51278, G Co., 101st Infantry *[both wounded and gassed 7/22/18]
  • Pvt. Joseph R. Shapiro, E Battery, 101st Field Artillery *[both wounded and gassed]
  • Pvt. John E. Steiner #1691404, D Co., 26th Infantry (1st Division) (10/2/18)
  • Cook John F. Sullivan #68139, F Co., 103rd Infantry (7/18/18)
  • Nicholaus Blei, G Co., 103rd Infantry (Meuse-Argonne)
  • John E. Blythe, L Co., 103rd Infantry
  • George Bronson, M Co., 103rd Infantry (9/1918)
  • Albert P. Bull #66351, M Co., 102nd Infantry (3/17/18)
  • James Huffman #1521618, G Co., 8th Infantry Ohio N.G. & 37th Division  (11/11/18)
  • Dennis F. Millett, 103rd Infantry (7/16/18)
  • Hector V. Sevigny, I Co., 103rd Infantry (10/10/18)

Gassed In Action

  • Capt. Henry B. Allen, F Battery, 129th Field Artillery
  • Corp. Morris J. Keenan, D Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. 1st Class Charles C. Gurley #70747, MG Co., 104th Infantry
  • Pvt. 1st Class Pascal B. Leak, 162nd Infantry (42nd Division)
  • Pvt. Wilfred Dambroise #67691, D Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Michael Sarf, D Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Thomas F. Doherty, G Co., 101st Infantry
  • Bert P. Hougland, 103rd Infantry
  • Howard F. Lancour, D Co., 104th Infantry
  • Hugh J. O’Brien, J Battery, 102nd Field Artillery
  • Erminio Sordillo, F Co., 101st Engineers
  • Elzy B. Stutes, D Co., 103rd Machine Gun Battalion

Prisoners Of War

  • Pvt. Frank D. Gillespie, B Co., 102nd Machine Gun Battalion *[both gassed and captured 4/20/18. POW 4/20/18-12/6/18]

No Reported Physical Wounds

  • 1st Lt. David S. Cutler, D Co., 103rd Infantry
  • 2nd Lt. George M. Wallace, D Co., 103rd Machine Gun Battalion
  • Bn. Sgt. Maj. Ernest B. Hale
  • 1st Sgt. Wesley F. Pease, C Co., 101st Infantry
  • 1st Sgt. Edwin H. Poulton, 102nd Field Artillery
  • 1st Sgt. Howard Soper, M Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Mess Sgt. Thomas Dooley
  • Mess Sgt. Frederick A. Richardson #67112, Hdq. Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Sgt. Samuel F. Sullivan #69893, Signal Platoon, Hdq. Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Corp. Walter P. Connolly, C Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Corp. Francis C. McCormick, C Batt., 103rd Field Artillery
  • Pvt. 1st Class Connell Albertine #70490, Hdq. Co., 104th Infantry
  • Pvt. 1st Class James Clattenburg #67919, E Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. 1st Class George W. Hayward, F Co., 356th Infantry (89th Division)
  • Pvt. 1st Class George Reicheneder [died of pneumonia, January 1919]
  • Pvt. 1st Class Archa O. Roberts, 361st Infantry (91st Division)
  • Pvt. 1st Class Roy Waterman, MG Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Alonzo Campbell, B Co., 101st Engineers
  • Pvt. Melvin Campbell, B Co., 101st Engineers
  • Pvt. William C. Comstock
  • Pvt. Charles P. Craig #68100, F Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Solomon Crasnick, A Battery, 101st Field Artillery
  • Pvt. Verner L. Damon, 4th Marine Brigade (2nd Division)
  • Pvt. Samuel J. Dana, I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Eudora LaCroix, H Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. George C. LeBlanc #66586, Supply Co., 102nd Infantry
  • Pvt. Peter L. Lewey, I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Elmer H. Lindie DSC #68223, F Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. John A. Newell, I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Alfred W. Roberts #69476, L Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Michael Sarf, D Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. David A. Sapiel (aka David T. Sopiel), I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Henry Sockbeson, I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Peter Stanley, I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. William H. Steen, M Co., 102nd Infantry
  • Pvt. George L. Stevens, I Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Pvt. Percy H. Waite, 103rd Ambulance Co.
  • Charles A. Allen, 103rd Infantry
  • Joseph E. Ball, B Battery, 102nd Field Artillery
  • Henry A. Cheney, 103rd Machine Gun Battalion
  • Frank Elliott
  • August Girard, 102nd Infantry
  • James Graham, B Co., 101st Infantry
  • David J. Hampton, 101st Ammunition Train
  • Johan Hanchovsky, 16th Infantry (1st Division)
  • Alfred T. Heaton, B Battery, 103rd Field Artillery
  • Caulie Hendricks, G Co., 102nd Infantry
  • William Heyman
  • Roy Jackson
  • Elias Kolofolias, 102nd Infantry
  • Walter Lewandowski, 104th Infantry
  • Ovid Malo
  • Raoul Malo, Hdq. Co., 51st Artillery Brigade
  • Edmund Merchant
  • William J. McGunnigle
  • Irving H. Nelson, Machine gunner
  • Samuel F. Pendleton, K Co., 103rd Infantry
  • John L. Rossi, 40th Division
  • Edward W. Shore, B Co., 101st Engineers
  • Winford Smith, L Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Albert Tracy, C Batt., 103rd Field Artillery
  • Peter Troy
  • Vincenzo Vennitti, 102nd Machine Gun Battalion
  • Alvah D. White, L Co., 103rd Infantry
  • Thomas W. Williams, B Battery, Field Artillery
  • William J. Wolfe #60333, I Co., 101st Infantry

Cpl. Myles Gartland, 394th Inf., 89th Div. 1918

Ovid and Raoul Malo, Hdq. Co., 51st Artillery Brigade

Pvt., Supply Co., 102nd Inf.

Pvt. Andrew J. Ostlund, G Co., 354th Inf.

1st Lt. David S. Cutler, 103rd Infantry (Neufchateau, France 1917)

Corp. Lawrence S. Sherman, K Co., 104th Infantry

Pvt. Casimir Jaworski, K Co., 104th Infantry

Pvt. 1st Class Archie M. Bowman: “He Gave His All for Democracy”

Pvt. David Robidoux (103rd Inf.) gravesite, Arlington National Cemetery

Pvt. Sp 5th Class William Anderson, Sup Train 4th Cavalry, 1916

Pvt. William Anderson, Mexican Border 1916

Pvt. John L. Rossi (Right Rear), 1919

Henry Lam mititary

Pvt. 1st Class William Lambert, K Co., 103rd MG Battalion

Wilfred_Dambroise (1)

Pvt. Wilfred Dambroise, 103rd Inf.

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  1. my Grandfather: Joseph R. Shapiro, 101st Field Artillery. I think he was in Battery E and a Private. He was gassed and wounded (finger shot off?).

  2. Thanks Sandie!

    Your grandfather Joseph is now listed among the honored.


  3. My great uncle Pvt. Randolph Daring, Battery C. 103rd Field Artillery 26 Yankee Div was wounded 10-26-1918 in France.

  4. My great great grandfather is Ernest B Hale… dont know much about him. If you have any old pictures I would love to see his face. Also, I’m confused why my grandfather and 3 others do not have their position stated? Thanks.

  5. My grandfather, Pvt. Michael Sarf, Co. D, 103rd Infantry, was also gassed in 1918. I have his Purple Heart, which I applied for during the 1980s, and a Victory Medal with three clasps as well.

  6. Rich,
    Thank you so much, my Grandfather started out with the YD and ended up in as a replcement depot in France where he was sent to the 26th infantry D company, 1st Division,(big red one) and had his eye shot out & was wounded on 10/2/1918.We are awaiting his Purple Heart and possibly other awards.Thanks for getting us started on this fantastic jorney! John

  7. Richard
    that is a darn shame i mean I have heard of people who had the tip of their pinky shot off and they got the Purple Heart, but my Grand Father whose life was shortened,who coughed and hacked daily and nightly with irreparable lung damage,and while in the deep trenches of France had his feet frozen in such a way he never was able to walk well again certainly never able to wear shoes as a normal person,then later they advanced on the Germans and pushed them into Germany it was during this he was gassed,thus if they had not advanced and pushed the enemy back who knows how the war would have ended and he and others would have never been gassed.

    I want you to know my sickly and going on 81 year old Father rarely smiles these days but tonight when I showed him Grand Pa’s name on the Memorial site he became almost giddy.
    Thank you Sir

    Steven William Leak

  8. Dear Richard,
    My Grandfather, Arthur F. Boulanger, from Waterbury Conn., served with the Yankee Division, Co. A, 102 Infantry, in France. He enlisted April 26, 1917. Private Boulanger fought at the Battle of Chemin Des Dames. He was severely wounded in action on July 23, 1918 at the battle of Chateau Thierry. He received 3 gunshot wounds in the back and chest area of his body. The battle field was gassed with chlorine gas soon after he went down. His comrades came back to the battle field to retrieve the dead and found him alive. He was a recipient of the Purple Heart. He was released from duty February 4, 1919.
    He lived a full and humble life in Waterbury Connecticut with one emphysema ridden lung. He never said a word about his service. He lived to be 72 years of age.
    Susan Moore

  9. Daniel Venzor, PVT, Santa Barbara, CA.
    Co G, 103rd Infantry Regiment, 26th Division
    Killed in Action: November 11, 1918

    Buired at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
    Plot H Row 30 Grave 1
    Romagne, France

    Sources: California Honor Roll for WWI and American Battle Monuments Commission Website.

    Note: Uncle of baseball legend Ted Williams. Daniel Venzor’s sister, Micaela “May” Venzor, was the mother of Ted Williams.

  10. WW1 Statement of Service Cards for Massachusetts (all services):

    Send letter requesting WW1 Statement of Service Card to:

    Office of the Adjutant General
    Historical Services Division
    44 Salisbury Street
    Worcester, MA 01609-3157

    (1) Town resided in when enlisted or drafted.
    (2) Name, (last and first) (include alternative spellings of name)
    (3) Street Address
    (4) Branch of service (e.g. army, navy, marine corps, coast guard)

    Also include stamped, self addressed, return envelope.

    The Statement of Service Card, may include army serial number (or NSN, if no serial number was issued). Age at enlistment. Date and place enlisted or inducted. Overseas services, and if wounded. Reason for discharge, e.g. demobilization. Date of discharge and type of discharge, e.g. honorable discharge.

  11. Roll of Remembrance

    SGT Raoul J St Germain
    Company E 104th Infantry
    KIA Bois d’Haumont
    October 15, 1918

  12. Thanks so much for including my father’s photo on this page of your web site. I know he would have loved it and I am so proud of him for his service and for the great Dad that he was.


  13. Thank you for such a treasure of infomation. My grandfather served with the 103rd. I was lucky enough to hear many stories about the war from him. He also served in WWII. Would you please add him to the Roll of Remembrance. He was gassed on 7-17-18 and spent 130 days in hospitol. The following is from The Roster of Maine ect.

    Rowe, Clifford A. #70079
    Born in Eddington Maine 7-6-1898 Age 18
    Enl: NG Bangor, Apr 12, 1917
    Reported for Federal Service Apr 13, 1917
    Pvt, Pvt 1st class; Ck Aug 2, 1917
    Org: MG Co 2 Inf Me NG: MG Co 103rd Inf to disch
    Eng: Champagne-Marne; Aisine Marne; Defensive Sector
    Wounds received in action: About July 17,1918
    Overseas: Sept, 27 1917 to June 6, 1919
    Honorable disch on demob: June 20, 1919

    Question, He was overseas until 6-6-19. The 26th returned home in April. Any idea as to why he was not with them. I was able to view the Roster of Maine in the military service of the United States and allies in the World War 1917-1919 at the following web address:

    And The History of the 103rd Infantry at:

    I hope this infomation will help someone. Is it possible to apply for a Purple Heart for him and if so how. Thank you so much for all you do.


    Ron Cook
    Holden, Maine

  14. These are two men from the Town of Leicester, MA. who were KIA from the 26th Division. Cooney is buried here at home, Shannon is buried at St. Mihiel.

    Pvt. William Joseph Cooney, 61212
    Co. G, 101st Infantry, 26th Division
    KIA July, 13, 1918, Vaux, France, age 30

    Cpl. Thomas francis Shannon, Battery B, 102nd Field Artillery, 26th Division
    WIA October 9, 1918, DOW October 20, 1918, age 22

    Also this is my grandfather who was wounded, gassed, and later received a Purple Heart in the 1930’s.

    Pvt. John Francis McKeon, 51278
    Co. G, 101st Infantry, 26th Division
    WIA, gassed, July 22, 1918

  15. As I have been doing some research on my Grandfather, Pvt. William Anderson formerly of New Britain,Ct,whose photo is also on this page,I reciently found his Dog Tags and with that information, wrote the Connecticut National Guard. They inturn sent me such wonderful information about him. As he was one of the original 26th Division men.They sent me a copy of his enlistment card. He enlisted 2/22/1917 though he was only 17, he lied about his age to get in. And the birth date shows the proof. He was born 3/10/1899, and the birthdate on the card states 3/10/1898. He was En.Pvt.,Co.I,1st REgt.Conn.Inf.,N.G. He was later called to service 3/26/1917, and then drafted 8/5/1917 and transfered to Co.I,102nd U.S. Inf.,R.S.O.152.
    I also recieved 2 medal/medalions,two gold pins,and 2 bars of service from the state for his service in WWI.
    What a wonderful find, now I want to apply for his Purple Heart, as the paperwork states he was severly wounded while in action 7/22/1918 and that I know for I saw the scares on his leg. It also states AEF 9/16/1917(do not know what this means) to 3/15/1919, and was Honorably discharged on 4/4/1919.

  16. Also note, I have been reading about the 26 Division, and came to find that Camp Bartlette, A.K.A, Barnes Airport, is literally in my back yard.I mean over the fence an in my back yard!
    As I live in Westfield, Massachusetts, where Camp Bartlette was located.
    A memorial to this Camp and the 104th Infintry are 1/2 mile from my home. What a suprise!
    National Guard is still here at Barnes.

  17. Wonderful news! I just recieved in the mail after all my researching my Grandfather William Andersons, “Purple Heart” certificate, the medals will follow. Though his WWI records were burnt in the National Archive fire, due to the fact my Grandfather re enlisted from 1920-1921, where he was stationed in Mercedes,Texas between wars. William again re enlisted in 1944 for WWII in the Navy Reserve. In his enlistment paperwork is where I found mention of the two wounds he recieved in WWI.
    The photo of William Anderson on this page where he is on a horse must be up graded. In that photo he is “Pvt.Sp 5th class Sup Train 4th Cavalry”
    Also mentioned in the letters I recieved with the “Purple Heart” certificate, the Army also states my Grandfather will also recieve the following medals,WWI Victory Medal w/French Service Clasp for Champagne-Marne,Aisne-Marne,St.Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne clasps. WWI Victory Button-Silver, and a Lapel Button for Service Prior to 8 September 1939. This has been added to his reconstructed Official Personnel File.
    Now I am working on getting him enstilled in the Purple Heart National center in Newburgh,NY.

  18. After more research, I finally found the Mitlitary records for my second Grandfather. Henry E. Lambert. He was from New Hampshire.
    Henry enlisted with the New Hampshire National on 4/2/1917 and was: Pvt.,Co L 1st Inf NH NG. He was then drafted into the U.S. Service 9/13/1917 and transfered to Co K 103 inf. Henry fought at the Battles of Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Muse Argonne,and the Defensive Sector. He was wounded in action: 10/4/1918 as well as gassed. He was part of the AEF from 9/12/1917 to 4/4/1919 and was honorably discharged on 4/28/1919. I have a photo of him in his WWI uniform and would like to see him on this page along with my other Grandfather, William Anderson.

  19. Frank D.Gillespie pvt. was captured by the enemy April 20,1918 at Seicheprey, a member of Co.B 102 MG Bn. Held prisoner of war to Dec.6, 1918. he suffered the mustard & clorine gas results thru life as a disabled vet.23 men& 1 officer from Co.B, were captured that morning.Is there anyplace to get info on their time as prisoners? Prior to Activation in the 26th Y.D., he was with Tr.D, -1st Cav. Mass. NG, and served in Texas. Enlisted July 3, 1916 discharged april 29,1919. Your page has helped me trace my dad’s time in the service. I thank you.
    Rance J . Gillespie

  20. Just thought this information would be of interest to anyone who is a direct desendant to someone who served in WWI. There is a geneology registry called “The Order of the First World War”. Anyone can enroll themselves with the registry so long as your desendant served in WWI.(This is a registry like “Sons & Daughters of the Revolution”). I registered myself, as I felt it was a fitting tribute to my 2 grandfathers; PVT William C. Anderson, and PVT 1st Class Henry E. Lambert, that their memory would live on not only here on “Soldiers Mail” but also thru the “Order of the First World War”. Also of interest, the “The Order of the First World War” is making available to anyone interested two commemoritive items: A Challenge coin, and a medal w/ribbon. These items are to commemorate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of WWI. They are great collector pieces. You can find them on their website….Donna

  21. I reciently purchased a “Wound Chevron” on Ebay, which had been present to a Sherwood K. Martin. I researched his military information and would like to have his info added to “Soldiers Mail” Here is Sherwoods info:
    Sherwood K. Martin
    Dog Tag #: 65,184
    originally from South Manchester,Ct.
    Entered the National guard in South Manchester,Ct 6/29/16, into Co. G 1st Inf CNG. Drafted into Co G. 102nd Infantry to discharge. He was Pvt 1st Cl on5/24/17. Then Pvt 8/17/17. Mech 7/5/18. And again Pvt 1/15/19. Wounded in action slightly 10/9/18. Was part of the AEF 10/27/18 to 8/26/19, and recieved an Honorable Discharge 8/27/19.
    Sherwood died after the war in 1927 at only 30 years old. May his memory live on here on “Soldiers Mail”. I would also like to send a photo of his “Wound Chevron” certificate so it can be posted here…Donna

  22. My great uncle died on January 10th, 1964. He was 75. I was only 9 years old but, I still remember him well these 50 years later.
    He was and is my hero. He was from Central Falls, Rhode Island. He served in France as an ambulance driver. I know very little of his service. I don’t know if he was ever wounded, gassed or injured in any way, but, I do know that he loved and served his country.

    Cpl. George Joseph Brown
    104th ambulance company
    26th Division, USNG.

  23. Please add to the above that Cpl. Brown was in CO.K

  24. My great uncle Pvt Alphonse Dumond was killed 17 July 1918. He was a member of the 26 Div 103 Regiment Company G

  25. In the book I have on the 103rd Infantry, it states Private Alphonse Dumond of Company G was killed by shell fire on July 18, 1918. And that he had lived in Somersworth,NH…Donna

  26. Great news! After much research I have finally recieved word that I will be recieving a replacement Purple Heart for my Grandfther Henry E. Lambert. He had served with the 103rd Infantry Co K. 26th Yankee division, AEF. I found his medical records for being “Gassed” while in the line of duty. He originaly came in contact with Mustard and phosgene gases while serving in the Defensive Sector in Sept. of 1918. He reported to Field Hospital 101 complaining of chest pains on 10/4/1918. He was admitted for observation and then sent back to duty. He was again admitted to the hospital and transfered to Bordeaux, France. At that time he now had double pneumonia,and again was admitted to the hospital. Upon returning home, in 1919 he was again admitted to the hospital at Camp Devens, Ayers, Mass. now with influenza. It was stated he collapsed while marching in the home- coming parade.
    He had recieved the “PH” at some time while he was alive, but the family did not know this. I found this out when I visited his grave this year 2013, as the letters, “PH” were marked on his military grave marker. He is currently interred at the Purple Heart Hall of Honor, in Newberg,NY with his son Marcel E. Lambert forever together…Donna

  27. Hopefully someone can help! My grand-uncle, Pvt Ernest Spaulding Long, 151st Depot Brigade, 76th Division in WWI is someone I am looking for more information about. I am hoping, really, that someone amongst the people who congregate here may know someone else who served with him. HIs wife, Alice Long, was my father’s aunt by blood. I have stumbled across a record of his headstone, which was not ordered until 1944 although he was released from service in January of 1919, I believe when the 151st was no longer needed. I am, sadly, woefully unawares of a lot of WWI history (but I am learning!), so if anyone can enlighten me as to anything at all that is relevant, I would be more than glad to receive the info! Thank you for any help. You can email me directly at And thank you to all whose names are already mentioned here, for your unfailing service to protect those of us who did not or can not do so ourselves.

  28. Hi Tina…I found Ernest Spaulding Long’s WWI draft record on The record states he was born 4/9/1897 in Middleton,Mass. I also found a copy of the request in 1943 by his wife for the military head stone on Ancestry.Com as well. the info on the card states he served with the 7th Compnahy 151st Depot Brigade but no Division was listed. It also stated the dates he enlisted and the dates he was Honorably discharged in 1919. It does state he stayed at Camp Devens, which is located in Ayers, Mass. Sence is apprears he enlisted in Massachusetts he would have served with the 26th Yankee Division. You can write the Massachusetts National Guard museum, they will have his records there, or you can write the Massachusetts REgional Veterans Association they will also have all his records as well, Both these organizations have websites you can google them…Donna

  29. See “Yankee Magazine” book “The World Wars Remembered” two part story by Enoch Doble who served with 102nd MGD of 102nd Inf, ANd was a POW April 20, 1918

  30. My grandfather, Joe A. Swindall, whom I never knew, was wounded in battle. He was a Private, Co. G, 101st Infantry. The only record I have of this is the Columbia Accolade poster he received with his name and unit on it. I proudly display it on my wall. After the war, he married, raised a family, and died in 1955 in Shelby County, Alabama. I am still looking for any information on him or his unit. Please add him to this wall of Great American Soldiers. Thank you. ….Terrell Swindall

  31. Massachusetts State Library undertook a project to digitize over 8000 WWI vet portraits. There is a sample of about 133 of them at the following site:

    Roline C. Naylor, 54th Artillery

    My Great Grandmother Ada (Hazel) Gurley’s brother was Leroy C Hazel. I don’t know anything about his service, but was excited to find his picture on this repository.

    Sincerely, Michael Gurley

  32. Looking for any info on a Mr. Foy J.Wilson he was thw Company runner with Co. F 356th Infantry 89th Division.
    I have an engraved metal matchbox cover with engraving of above and .France 1918 Worlds War
    St. Miheil Argonne.
    I think he was from Chicago,Ill. He use to come to Michigan to hunt with my grandfather when my father was a young man back in 1930s-1940s.
    I remember my dad saying Mr. Wilson was ailing from effects of Muster gas.

  33. Hello…looked for info on Foy J. Wilson. I saw a Foy Wilson that was born about 1900 in Pekin,Ill. Then a Foy Wilson that died in 1972 in Florida…Does that help…found info on

  34. Thank you.very much for looking that up.
    I imagine I could contact the county clerks office in that town for more info on Mr. Wilson..

  35. My Great Grandfather, Albert Howard Kelsey Allison. He was a Private First Class in the 102nd Infantry Regiment and mustered out of Boston, MA. We heard he was wounded in the war, but I can’t find anything to substantiate it.

    We have his passenger listing from the USS Agamemnon (formerly SS Kaiser Wilhelm II) which had him leaving from Brest, France on March 31st, 1919. Any information would be amazing.

  36. Pleased to see this website, especially because this is the centennial year in which the mass killing in the “Great War” ended. On the morning of the armistice, 11 November 1918, a young soldier in I Company was killed in action: Pvt Moses Neptune, the oldest son of the Passamaquoddy Chief. He was the second Passamaquoddy in this infantry company who died on French soil. On 16 June 1918, Charles Lolah perished on the battlefield. The other seven Passamaquoddy returned home and faced challenges of another kind: poverty and racism.
    In World War II, Passamaquoddy Indians served again in American military uniform and several paid the ultimate price: Philip Neptin was killed in Normandy, soon after coming ashore on Omaha Beach on D-Day. The other, Walter Meader crashed in the Channel while returning from a bombing mission over enemy-occupied France.

    Harald E.L. Prins
    Bath, Maine

  37. Hello ,
    I research information , photos , or family of one soldier of 26 th division
    CO. A
    103 MG. BN
    This soldier was going in FRANCE with A.E.F

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