During the St. Mihiel Offensive, 9/27/1918

Sept 27, 1918


My Dear Mother,

Having not much to do I will drop a few lines hoping to find you in good health as it leaves me at present. I am now back with the company. I have wrote you a few letters from the hospital as I was there for minor reasons not resulting from anything to talk about. I have got your letter with 2 dollars and was glad to hear from you. I have received no mail from Nell or Morris as yet I have heard from Grace and Hazel Tripp quiet often and as to Arthurs letters I have got none.

Bill and Thomas "Babe" Brown, Chelsea Naval Hospital 1929

Don’t be alarmed of Arthur or Babe as they are alright as you said. This war will be a thing of the past before long so why worry every thing will come out alright so don’t worry but keep up and let nothing bother or worry and I am positive that things will come out with flying colors.

As to things over here is nothing interesting to write for the paper publish of happenings so we have nothing to write about only that the country is very pretty excepting place where artillery have bombarded and that is interesting to new comer but after one has seen things all though one passes it by with out noticing it.

I guess the old Boche has his hands full when they turned this bunch lose on him take my word for that. I will close now hoping hear from you soon and tell all that I know to write.

I see Annie Shunny married a Recruiting Sergt well Mrs Shunny is taking to soldiers all at once. I remember she use to ball me out when I enlisted 4 years ago it kind of makes me laugh now.

Your Son

Priv. Wm E Brown

M co 101st US inf AEF


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