Camp Cotton, Texas 10/30/1916

Dear Em

I started this letter and found that this fountain pen was very dry. On looking to see if I could fill it, found that all the black ink was either all gone or packed. It looks like real business now, for they are loading the trains now, but we (the men) won’t get started until tomorrow some time. The boys can hardly beleive it. They all slept, out in the cold last night but didn’t mind it a bit. They will do any thing to get home, and nothing if this is a farce. The poor Ninth havent got any orders as yet but probably will soon. Another Georgia Reg. pulled in this morning and they all seem to be a fine sort.

Every night latly we can look across the river and see a lot of camp fires burning, around which the Mexican army is gathered. I havent received any mail from any body latly and it is just as well for I know you folks up there dont know what minute now we will be saying good by to Texas.

I suppose we will freeze by the time we get off the train some where in Mass. but we all have woolen under wear, new olive drab uniforms, sweeters, (those that havent got so hard up that they sold them) and over coats. But even at that I suppose we will be an awful bunch of cold blooded men. It looks as though it is going to be a race for us to get home in time to vote, which is no little discution here among the men.

Kinsman came home from the hospital yesterday, but I dont believe he would have been releaced if we wasnt going right home. He alway was thin you know, well you can hardly see him now. It is too bad but as you said once before in your letter, he was always a wise, tough kid. This will probably be the last letter I will be able to write, but then, Ive been saying that for some time.

The Georgia fellows seem to take things very seriously but they will get over that very soon. Three of them were stopped last night from killing a Mexican. They are some wild when they get started. The Regulars will take that out of them if they start any funny business with them.

Well that Sunday when you Lena, Bert and Tom was at Framingham I felt good and strong the same was the case when Pa came to see me off. Now Im coming back to you folks the same guy the only change being four months away,


P.S. There is no doubt but what we will be on our way now while Pa is listening to you speel off this line of guff. If not, why we are still waiting to go that’s all. Another slice of bread.

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  1. Dear Readers:
    This is the last letter that Sam wrote while South on the Border. Please visit the pages under “1917 Watchful Waiting” to learn about the next chapter as Sam’s Great Adventure continues!


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