Chauffort, France 12/5/1918

Dear Em


I have just been granted a furlough and although we don’t know just when we are to leave, our time dosen’t start until we arrive at the leave area so we should worry. The place to which we are going is La Bombole some where in the south western part of France and over a hundred miles from where we are now stationed. From what the fellows say that have been there I judge that one can have a very good time. Im looking forward to it anyway and you can rest assured that after a fellow has spent over ten months in confinement and the greater part of this time right at the front he will enjoy himself when given a little liberty. They say there are all kind of amusments, and plenty of eats of the best kind. Picture me will you, for seven whole days where there is all kinds of dancings and other places for the boys. Y.M.C.A. girls to dance with.


I am feeling tip top and can’t see why I won’t enjoy myself perfectly. Will write again when I arrive there and tell you what kind of a time I am having. Hope that Henry is coming along alright, and tell Lena to watch herself in the health line.


It dosent look now as though we would get home for Christmas. Divisions that have earned a speedy return, such as the gallant 76th are in on this gravy. Never mind, we will get there someday. Trusting this finds you all well Ill close remaining



S. E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf.



© Copyright 2009 by Richard Landers, All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission.


[The 76th Division was a National Army division that did not arrive in France until August, 1918 and also did not see combat, yet was returned home before other veteran Divisions.]


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  1. Furlough in Bombole? sounds like they’re sending you off to make mud pies in a crater. Have fun, enjoy the company and the nosh.

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