Chauffort, France 12/28/1918

Chauffourt, France

Dear Em


Here is another to let you know that Im still O.K. and back with the company again. Left the hospital yesterday and feel a great deal more at home than I did while away which was just a week. We just got back form the Y.M.C.A. Hut where the band gave a concert and six pictures were shown. It was a very good show, for us and every one enjoyed every minute of it. Winter is here in earnest now and if you was here tonight you would agree with me. It snowed the night before last, was cold all day yesterday and today, and now, there is a strong wind blowing, with snow and rain to make it more dismal. There is a very good fire going here though and I am very comfortable.


There are four of us at this table now writing letters which shows that we are all in about the same mood this stormy night. We have been stationed in this little town (which is about thirty miles from Neufchateau, or where we were stationed last winter at this time) for over a month and it is getting to be like home to us. I suppose we will stay here until we leave for home, which will please me alright for I don’t fancy moving in this kind of weather. The papers must have given an account of the President’s visit to this area and it sure was a buisy day for all conserned.


Say Em a nice blazing fire in a large fire place (for this is all you find in these small towns) sure does make you feel comfortable don’t it? Can you picture us these cold dreary nights all sitting around this fire place (there are sometimes as many as ten in the circle) talking of home and past experiences, or telling stories to keep things interesting, every eye on the blazing logs as if they would disappear if we did otherwise. Yes we squat around this fire as if it was life itself and kill these last (and I hope few) nights in battle torn France.


Im up to my old tricks again now. While at the front we were lucky to get a wash once a week, but today (and it can continue) I washed a suit of underwear, O.D. shirt, pair of stockings, half dozen nose cloths and a towel. Pretty soft though. Throw them into a pail, boil them over this fire, and a peace of soap and brush does the trick. It is eleven oclock now so I guess Ill close this letter, worm into a place at the fire for a few minutes for a shin roast before I roll in.


I hope this letter finds you all o.k. and that the winter over there is not as severe as it was last. Give my regards to all and tell them that I am the same



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. A.E.F.



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