Chauffort, France 12/30/1918

Chauffourt, France


Dear Em,


Received the Christmas box today and was very much pleased with it. All the contents were in it when I got it and will say that you sure knew what I neaded when you put the razor blades in. The Boston Post of Nov. 27-28 was also received and was very interesting not only to me but all the boys in the billet here. Every one wants to be next to read it especially General Edward’s talk. He said that he could talk all night if given the time, and I agree with him, as will every one else that was in the Division when we left Westfield a year ago last September, and landed in England and France the first complete U.S. Division.


The stockings will come in very handy, also the pipe, and tobacco. I have received no mail from you since I answered your letter of Dec. 1, telling you that I was again with the company and feeling O.K. this being my condition and position at this writing. I expect to hear from you any time now though, which will mean an answer right away of coarse. I am in a very good position to write now so you can expect to hear from me oftener than you have latly.


Will inform you now why it was that I wrote so many letters (for I think I sent a lot of mail) from Oct 20 to the 30. I was in Verdun which city was quite a distance behind the lines although Fritzy threw many large shells into it daily. Those of us that were in the city (the regiment was on the line) were well quartered while there, therefore giving us plenty of chances to write. Since then I will admit that my letters have not been as numerous for we went up for the drive which lasted until the 11th of Nov. after which we hiked for ten days, then I went on a furlough for seven days, which really took up about fifteen, went to the hospital and now Im back and settled.


As for the weather, rain is very much in order now although it has warmed up considerable the last day or so. Plenty of wood for the fire, plenty of tobacco for the pipe and a crowd of the old timers present makes many an hour spent far from uncomfortable here in this little town about fifty miles from civilization.


The talk over an early return home has died out now so we just simply do what we have done in months gone by. Take whats coming and make the best of it. I thought sure that we would be back for Christmas but now I guess it will be after Feb. 1.


Well Em Ive got nothing more to say until I hear from you and I hope that is soon. Regards and best wishes to all



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf.


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