Camp Stewart, Virginia 5/13/1918

Co A

May 13th 1918

Dear Sister Madaline:

Sorry to see you and John leave me so soon but I suppose it was for the best.  We drilled all day today in the dust and wind and hardly enjoyed ourselves as you saw how the wind and dust flies about hear.  I had to stop writing for a few minutes as we had our over seas examination.  I think I passed aces up.  They are issuing passes to town tonight but I don’t think that I will go down tonight as I have quite some washing and writing to do before going abroad the transport.

Something funny happened today I went to the base hospital last night and I saw the doctors operating on two young fellows one for appendicites and the other fellow for broken ribs.  I had a fellow friend that is attached to the base.  It was through him that I went their to see it.  It sure was a sad case but from what the doctor told me the boys never felt it while during the operation and after.  I wrote a letter to Father Himmelreicher last night.

Must close now dear sister.  Will write you again tomorrow.

Your Brother


Your visit made a new man of me.  Am feeling fine.


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