Neufchateau, France 12/16/1917

Same Place.


Dear Folks,


Just a few lines tonight to keep you informed that Im still O.K. or in other words every thing is as usual. There is a hitch in the mail somewhere for I havent got a word from you for about three weeks. I hope they will get some mail to us by Christmas anyway, and thats giving them nine days.


We are getting down to real hard work now, and before long I expect I won’t look quite as chunky as I do at the present time. I had all good intensions last night of getting my picture took today, but as usual I forgot it or didn’t have time.


We had a grand opening of the new Y.M.C.A. building here this afternoon. Brig. General Cole, and Maj. General Edwards were present and were among the speekers. They got a warm reception from all the officers and men. The band played the company to the building and of coarse that was a job for your’s truly.


This Y.M. is a large building in which a thousand people can be seated. Y.M.C.A. again for you and say this organization deserves all the backing and praise you folks back home there can give it. It is wonderful, the work they are doing. Personally, Ive come in contact with their help, ever since we left America.


Tonight being Sunday, I was studying one of the many books we have to study, when my mind drifted back home, and I wondered how everything was. The only way to find out is write and see, so, (the letter). The watch, every time I look at it (and it is some often now I tell you) I wonder how things are at home. Before leaving the U.S. I was thinking of leaving this watch at home there and byeing a cheaper wrist watch. Now, I realize that I would have regreted it very much for it is one thing I prize. These pictures in my pocket also keep me in close touch with you, and they will also be on my person when I step on good old American soil some time in the future. A year or so anyway, but that isnt long, considering some of these poor chaps that have been at it now for over three.


Did my letters reach Madge, Mollie, Little Mary, Mrs. Holland and Lil yet. Im hoping to hear from somebody pretty soon. I realy believe I deserve a letter for Ive surly written enough latly to warrent one. It is now 9.30 and call to quarters has blown, Taps in 15 minutes and then the lights go out. We’ve just got enough time to make our bed and craul in.


My one hope is that I will continue in the good health and nature that Ive enjoyed since the 25th day of July –17. Hoping you folks are as well off (at least as I am) I remain and will stay the same




P.S. Love to all. How’s Pa?


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