Neufchateau, France 12/20/1917

Some where in France


Dear Em.


Another big batch of mail and still no news from you. Two from Lil. Now see how I feel. In her letter she states that every thing at home there is all right, that Pa, you Lena and the rest was O.K. which information she gained through you in a conversation you two had on the phone. Im glad she is in touch with you for it was through her letters that I feel assured that you are all well. It seems as though I just stopped writing to you when here I am at it again. I wrote a short letter last night and it has only been gone from this office an hour. Well Im at it again.


There is one way to beat this mail system. It is, flood the clerks with letters and take a chance that a few will get through. You will here from me all right (if it is possible) even if I don’t here a word from you. It must be that your letters get lost strayed or stolen for Im sure I don’t get any wheres near the number you’re sending. Im afraid it will be another two to three weeks before I hear from you for the next lot won’t be due until then. What would you say or think if you hadn’t heard from me for five weeks. Here’s hoping (cheerfully) that one of your letters will be amongest those that are coming.


It is a dark dismal day here and I think we will get some snow. What snow we did get about three or four days ago is still with us not having melted a particle. Real wintery here now, and I suppose you’re getting the same kind of weather yourselves. Good luck to you all. (Im very lucky so don’t get peeved!) Very lucky considering curcumstance (or whatever you call it.)


Had my photo taken today but they won’t be ready before Friday Dec. 28-1917. You will hear from me again (that is I will write before then) for there isnt two days at most between my letters. As soon as said pictures are ready off to the U.S. they go. I know (and I havent seen them myself yet) that you will note a difference if you put this picture up against any of the others that I had taken while at Lynnfield.


We have got our gas masks now for both crying and chloride gases. We will soon be going through this test. We are also practising the art of throwing bombs, which is done far different from the throwing of a base ball or snow ball. The art of digging regular first-line trenches is being gone through by the pioneers, the signal platoon has their equipment to work with, the one pound gun platoon has its guns, the bombers and sappers their stokes mortars, and real work is in order now. Drill all day and school and lectures at night then nothing to do till the morning.


The Volunteers won’t weaken though and we will be their when our time comes. This is the spirit of this the 26th Div. which comprises N.E. Militia men. Give my regards and best wishes to all and don’t forget to drown me with same in letters from you. Bon nuit.





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