Neufchateau, France 1/23/1918



Dear Em


Three letters received from you today dated Dec. 14, 18, 22 also one from Henry dated Dec. 22 and must say that they were very much welcomed by me. We are to have another gas drill tonight at seven oclock but I will try and write as much as posible before said drill. It is raining as usual and the mud even in the main street is like the S.B. flats. They never had this part of France in their minds when they sprung that one “Sunny France.” Im feeling very well as usual and hope you folks are all the same. As usual there is absolutly nothing I can say so I hope you’ll excuse me for not saying anything.


Male Quartet by Joseph Chase

There is a French family here that we are very much liked by and some nights we sit and talk, thereby getting so we can parlez each other pretty well. We give them a little harmony once in a while which they think is very bon or Trai bon. Had the band out playing tonight (although it was raining) for the first time in a month.


I can see 297 Bunker Hill St now with that Red Cross and service flag flying from the window. Has Harry been called yet? But before I start asking you questions, I want to say that Im afraid you will not hear from me very often from now on. While writing this, three more letters came in from you dated, Dec. 26, 28, 31, showing that you sure are doing your share in the writing game. Also one from Mrs. Holland, Catherine, and Lil, and a package of smokes from the boss. I dont know whether I will be able to answer these as I should or not for things are going to happen right away, and as I want to answer all of them you see the little time and excitement that is my luck just now will not give me a chance to do the letters justice.


Gee its great to read your letters that state the enjoyment you folks are getting from Leonard. Yes I would like to be there now trying to get your goat. Im all excited but Im going to finish this letter tonight. I wish I could answer your letters right, but as Ive said before you will have to be content with a card at times for a while. Im fit in every way so dont worry until you hear from me otherwise. If I get a chance I will drop a line to Zella, and by the way Em tell her I was asking for her.


I hope you folks will get over the cold snap you all speak of, in first class condition. It is very far from cold here now but it continues to stay wet. Tell Madge I received her letter and it pleased me very much to get a letter from her. I will try to write again to her. Give my very best regards to all Em and tell them I will write if I can. Look back through the letter and you will see the (arrow) that was when all the orders started and you can see that the rest of the letter is mostly in Chinese. Glad to hear Pa is well as usual, also Mr. Holland and the rest.


Please call it a letter Em and excuse me for calling it one. In your later letters you spoke of my letters as being so good. Im afraid I havent time to keep up my reputation. Keep up the writing Em for Ill nead it and I remain




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  1. Dear Readers:
    Sam received the long-awaited orders to finally move to the Front while in the midst of writing this letter.


  2. This is a very good post. It brings back some memories for me and I am sure for others. Sam sure has a very good attitude considering his situation when he wrote this letter.

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