Somewhere near Menil-la-Tour, 4/9/1918

Dear Em


A little time to spare and as it is dark and rainy outside I have hiked over here to the Y.M to write, you being the first on the list. Got a letter from you yesterday dated Feb. 21 also one from Mary and although Ive received mail from you written since then, I enjoyed it very much. That was funny about the screw driver wasn’t it? It has come in very handy more than once. I was glad to hear that they are laying off the less on heat now, but then, I suppose the weather is such that you don’t use much coal anyway.


I suppose Pa is held up every night on account of the shortage of cars, and has quite a story about it too. I am glad to hear every one is well and hope that Theresa and her chum enjoyed their trip. As for that State money Em, didn’t they make a ruling that all volunteers who went to France was to get it (passed Feb. 28/18). If not let me know in your next.


No, all the sergeants that poem speaks of are not with us now. Two of them have gone to school and one of them was wounded so bad that he will never come back. Captain Tobey as I told you before is no longer with us so you see a lot of changes are taking place. I am feeling fine as usual and intend to continue so. Don’t let the papers worry you too much about the news they print in regards to the awful battles we are in. Ive seen some of the Boston Papers that speak of this division. We have taken no part in the big drive yet, although we are here behind the lines ready to go in when neaded (you see Ive still got the pen).


Im glad you got the package for I thought it was about time it reached you. Oh you Morning Glories! So they had a jam as usual? It must have been a great success, and I sure would like to have been there. Tell Mary I will answer her letter as soon as I can find time, for it is getting crowded in this Y.M. now and writing is getting to be almost imposible. I know you will call this a very short letter but I will write again soon and try to make up for it.


Best regards to all



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf A.E.F.



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