Somewhere near Meaux, 7/1/1918

"Cootie Remedy" from The Stars and Stripes

"The whole thing in a nut 'Shell'" - Sam

Dear Em,


Before we left the other sector I wrote and told you that I had received no mail for a month and that as we were soon leaving, my chances were pretty slim, both as to getting mail or sending any. But just before we left, two letters came from you, one dated June 2 and the other the seventh. Also a very nice letter from Bert. We have been traveling ever since and right now Im tired, but not knowing what’s going to happen next I thought Id sit right here, using this board as a desk and your kindness that will excuse the writing of which the extent of both I know.


Telling About It by Joseph Chase

We are many miles from the other (Some where) being now where the big doings are, and right where you folks have been hearing so much of latly. As I said before Im tired but not too much so to write and let you know the same old story. Im fine. It was very quiet the night we were relieved by the draft outfit. We walked from 10 P.M. until 5 A.M. when we boarded trains and got off these at 10 A.M. Boarded trains again at 1 A.M. next morning riding 24 hours. Got off these trains at 2 A.M. boarded trucks and rode 22 miles hitting this billet at 5 A.M. this morning. It sounds all very well, this riding in trains but in reality, Em, nothing doing. Empey has told you. Forty men in one of these dry goods boxes is fun now I tell you. Twenty five men in a truck is better than walking 22 miles after going 48 hours with practicly no sleep.


Any way, we are here and happy to say that we are all in the best of health and a little sleep will put us in the very best of spirits. We are here waiting for the Germans to start that drive that is expected, and probably by the time you get this it will be on. Ive had about five hours sleep in the last 4 days and as soon as I finish this letter and send it on its way Im just going to die thats all. Then Ill answer Bert’s letter.


On our trip we passed through some very pretty country and got a glimse of the suburbs of the capitol. We are about all set for real big doings now probably the beginning of the end. You see I can mail this letter now and that is why Im not delaying it one minute. I hope those pictures come out all right but whether all right or not, send some over. Im going to lay down now and I don’t expect to wake for dinner or supper. Give my regards to all



Samuel E. Avery Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.



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